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까사32 . CASA 32 

After we arrived in Seoul Incheon Airport, Aunty MK, Aunty LX, Mom and I took a 1 hour and 40mins bus ride to this small town called Cheongpyeong 청평.

Exit airport, and look for "Bus to Regional Provinces" bus stop (Bus Stop 9C)
Gangwon Express Bus (towards Chuncheon)
Adult ₩16,600 / Child ₩8,300, with designated seats

Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal 청평버스터미널 - with 7-11 convenience store on one side

And a small eatery on the other side

Aunty LX suggested that we have our supper here, before we check-into the apartment. I could not wait to hide away from the cold!

Eatery at the bus terminal

Many typical Korean food and snacks are sold here

Udon ₩4000 Special tteokbokki ₩4500

White Day is tomorrow, so there were a lot of flowers and chocolates on sale

After that, we took a taxi to CASA 까사32, our "home" for 3 nights in Cheongpyeong.

The Room

A very spacious room

Additional bedding provided - Korean style (sleep on the mattress on the floor)

Shower and toilet are separated.
Towels, basic toiletries are provided

Fully equipped kitchen with rice cooker, fridge,
pots, microwave, cutlery, electric kettle, detergent etc

BBQ grill in the patio

Jacuzzi tub in the room - I loved it!

The Apartment / Hotel

View from the room

Cabana by the pool

Mini Mart

The Lighting House - restaurant / café with a great view of the lake

Water sports centre for the summer vacation

View from the road ... easy to spot

The Restaurant / Café 
I became good friends with the café hyung because I got lunch and drinks for Mom and myself when she was sick in bed. That night, Mom felt well enough to go and have dinner there, so I helped Mom place the order.

Cosy cafe
Strawberry season, so I had iced strawberry juice, and Mom had hot tea

Strawberry cake
And we all shared big and juicy strawberries later in the room

Around Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal

Daiso, for all sorts of things

Opposite the terminal are Daiso, Paris Baguette, Taxi terminal,
several Korean restaurants, etc. Kyochon Chicken is further down the road
Lemon Mart

Seafood Guksu Noodles shop

Lots of seafood, but I don't eat seafood ₩7000

A nice old Korean uncle gave me ₩1000 as pocket money!

Heading to Seoul
We took the hotel shuttle to the Seorak Bus Terminal 설악 버스터미널 (about 10 mins), where we took a local bus number 7000 (about 1 hour 5 mins) to Jamsil 잠실 bus stop. From there, we took a short walk to the Jamsil Station to take the train to go to our hotel.

Down the road was the Cheongpyeong River Land Bungee Jump 청평 리버랜드
Red Box Cafe 레드박스 카페
Seorak Bus Terminal 설악 버스터미널

Beware of the grumpy grandfather at the ticketing counter :-)

Standing in line at the bus stop for Bus 7000 - Adult ₩2900 Child ₩1500

Mom's Notes
  • You need to purchase a separate bus ticket for the bus from Incheon Airport to Cheongpyeong (T-money is not accepted). The bus schedule can be found here
  • Take note of the taxi hotline number if you intend to stay out till late as public buses in small towns tend to end their runs early. Taxi Hotline: 031-584-2252/1265
  • This apartment / hotel was a great find! I think most tourists stayed in Gapyeong or made a day trip from Seoul ... it's highly recommended that you consider an overnight stay or 2
  • Stock up on drinks, snacks, fruits etc from the town centre, as there are no convenience stores nearby, and it will cost a bit more to purchase from the CASA 32 mini-mart
  • I was glad to have stayed in an accommodation that had a restaurant; we were able to settle our meals there when I fell sick. Getting food delivery was not possible because there was a minimum order to meet and we definitely could not finish the portions (for about 4 pax)
  • My Korean friend was very surprised that I had discovered this place; it is a recommended summer vacation accommodation for local families with kids
  • Dotted around Cheongpyeong Lake are many many pensions - these are akin to an airbnb with varying facilities, and they tend to be catered for local tourists. Most are accessible only by car or taxi
  • Cheongpyeong is often visited during summer, where Seoulites go to to get away from the summer heat and to indulge in water sports activities, hence, there were less visitors in March 
  • This area was visited by various celebrities, from K-pop idols, to the Running Man cast!

     Address:     경기도 가평군 설악면 회곡리 468번지 (유명로 2384)
     Tel:            010-2770-4432 / 031-585-4432
     Directions:  From Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal 청평 버스터미널, take a 15-min taxi ride
                       (about ₩10,000) or the free hotel shuttle bus (operates from 1300 -
                       1700 hours only; reservations required)
     Rates:        About S$337 per room per night for 4 pax (booked via Expedia.com)

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