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키자니아 서울 . キッザニアソウル 

The first thing that Mom told me when I knew that we were going to visit Kidzania Seoul 키자니아 서울, was that I should focus on jobs that I cannot experience in Singapore. So here we go!

Getting There
From Exit 4 of Jamsil Station 잠실역, we walked for more than 5 mins to Kidzania. Mom had to ask for directions because she did not see any signage.

From the exit, walk straight along outdoors all the way to the end of the building,
until you spot the GAP store. In front of you would be the carpark, with a Kidzania signage

Then make a left turn, and go towards the sheltered passageway

Then make another left turn, and you'll see the Kidzania entrance on the left
The reception area looks like the airport!

Collect the wrist tag, Kidzos etc here

The City

Popular Korean Brands
Mom said she always sees these brands in the Korean dramas or commercials ...

Lotte Ghana Chocolate - get a free chocolate bar!

Welcome to Nongshim Snack R&D Centre
Keep the sticker - it will be used to label your prawn snack pack, and it's manufacture date

Signboard indicates the time the activity started, duration, Kidzos earned, max. no. of kids, staff

Earn a free prawn cracker snack ... which I gave to Grandma
Another Korean favourite - Dunkin Donuts
20-min work

I think it looked a lot better before
Opening my bank account with Shinhan Bank

Samsung mobile design lab
Hankook Driver's License Test

Lotteria Hamburger - 25-min work

Bulgogi burger for lunch

I had also "worked" in other Korean companies, and there were many more that I would like to try if I had more time.

Korea Customs Service Officer

Solar-C Vitamin Research Institute
One pack of Vitamin C for home

Kellog's Chez Choco Cereal Factory - Korean branch

One for the road
Mercedes Benz Car Design Studio

Robotics Lab

Kidzania Mart

Other Interesting Jobs
Mom went around to check out other interesting jobs that I should try next time.

Lotte Hotel  & Resorts Hotelier

I wonder what goes on below?
Pulmone Wholesome Food Manufacturer

MBC Voice Acting Studio
Kidzania Special Force Training Centre - something mysterious in this building!
Chilsung Cider Bottling Plant
Paris Baguette Bakery
Korean Air steward
JTBC Golf Club

MBC Radio DJ

For Parents
Mom went missing sometimes because either she went to redeem her free Smoothie King drink, or she made some name labels.

₩3000 for one sheet; there are cheaper ones outside Toys R Us next door

Redeemed a small cup of the bestseller Angel Food ₩4700

Parents Lounge on Level 3

Cafeteria served main meals
Snack shop

After we finished, we next door to Lotte Mart for some supermarket shopping, and I got some Lego figurines from the Toys R Us store with the pocket money that I had saved.

Quick look at the Kidzania store

We bought lots of stuff from the supermarket!

Mom's Notes
  • We reserved only the AM slot, and would have gone for the full-day slot if we had more time
  • It is always interesting to visit Kidzanias in the different countries as they are often a representation of the country's economic, social and cultural vibes and values, and there may be opportunities for kids to make a friend in that country!
  • There were very few visitors when we were there, in part due to the fact that it was a weekday, and I understand from the staff that it starts to get crowded from April onwards
  • As with each Kidzania, the main language used is the local language. The facilitators can manage simple English, but there are some activities that non-native speakers will have to give it a miss since they require the use or understanding of the Korean language, e.g. Korean Medicine Clinic
  • Lockers available for rent inside, at ₩1000
  • The adult entrance fee had a special package that included a free drink
  • Although we only bought a half day pass, other than an announcement that the first shift had ended, there was no pressure to exit the venue quickly
  • For kids with the B.Kidzanian passport, bring it along to get a Kidzania Seoul seal sticker

     Address:     서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 240 (주) 롯데월드 
     Tel:            +82 2-1544-5110 
     Directions:  Click here
     Opening Hours:  1000 - 1500 / 1500 - 1930 hours (2 shifts)
     Admission Fees: Click here

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