Tuesday, 14 March 2017


쁘띠프랑스 . プチフランス . 小法兰西

Our first stop of the day - Petite France 쁘띠프랑스.

We took the Gapyeong City Tour Bus 가평 시티투어 버스 from Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal, and the 20-min bus ride travelled along Cheongpyeong Lake. 

Convenience store outside
Check the bus timetable to better plan your visit

Movies / Dramas that were filmed here

I watched the Marionette Performance for a while before following Mom explore this place. 

Send a slow postcard from Petite France ... reaches you 1 year later

We stopped at the outdoor cafe to have our breakfast and enjoy the scenery.
It was very windy and we had to hold on to our cups as we ate!

Great view to accompany our breakfast
Well stocked cafe, but relatively pricey

We ordered the sweet potato latte which was too sweet

Recharged, we continued our exploration!

Play area near the Petite Terrace

Observatory Tower

Drama "Beethoven Virus" film site

Autograph of one of the main lead actor

Moving upwards, there were a couple of interesting things near the Fountain Square.

End of the attraction

Lovely wall drawings
Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall


Changing room for the lead actress of the drama"My Love From the Star"

Off to our next stop!

Mom's Notes
  • As a Kdrama fan, it was interesting to visit this film site, and the scenery is certainly very nice. But for children, there is little to amuse them or keep them interested. Perhaps if they had read the story before visiting it may help?
  • You can easily cover this place in less than hour, unless you choose to sit around and enjoy the view and weather at the outdoor cafe
  • I am not a big fan of puppets so the museums and antiques gave me the scary vibes, so I am not including any pictures of the life-like dolls here!

     Address:     경기도 가평군 청평면 호반로 1063
     Tel:            +82-31-584-8200
     Directions:  Click here
     Opening Hours:  0900 - 1800 
     Admission Fees: Adults ₩8000 / Child ₩5000
                             (Use the discount coupon to pay only Adults ₩6000)

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