Tuesday, 24 April 2012


アサヒビール北海道工場 . 아사히 맥주 홋카이도 공장 . 朝日啤酒工厂

(A sightseeing stop in the Hong Thai Travel 7D Hokkaido Package Tour, my first packaged tour experience.)

Hmm ... Asahi Beer Factory visit? At 6 years old, I know that beer is something that only the adults drink. But Mr Tour Guide promised that there will be something for me too. I wonder what?

We started the tour with a video about how beer is produced (and I think Mom dozed off a little, hee). Then we toured the exhibition and the factory showcase.

(Mom's Notes: No photography is permitted during the tour, but details of the tour can be found here - in Japanese only.)

But all I could remember was the last part where the adults drank some Asahi beer (it's free!). As for me, I had some Asahi apple juice (it's free too!). We also had some tasty crackers to go with our drinks. The adults could also try other Asahi drinks other than the beer, like cold tea etc.

(Mom's Notes: Beer sampling session is limited to 20 mins only, and up to 3 glasses per person. Pregnant ladies, children, and those who are driving are not permitted to consume alcohol.)

Beer sample straight from the tap

Mom said this is a famous Japanese actor and singer.
Do you know who this is?

After the tour, we crossed the road to the drugstore, as some aunties said that some of the medical supplies are cheaper in Japan. Mom bought a charcoal toothbrush (we did not have it in Singapore then) and some toothpaste for me.
     Address:  〒003-0022 北海道札幌市白石区南郷通4南1-1
     Tel:         011-863-3515
     Direction: 7 mins walk from Shiroishi Station 白石駅 or the Nango 7-chome
                    Station 南郷7丁目駅 on the Touzai Line 東西線 (map)
     Operating Hours: 0930 - 1500 hours
     Duration:            About 75 mins
     Cost:                 Free, but advanced registration is required
                             (click here; registration in Japanese only)


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