Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Child Inflight Meals

子供のお食事 . 어린이식사 . 儿童餐

There are 3 things that I always look forward to each time I fly - the toys, the inflight games, and the kids meals.

I think the meals are mostly healthy, and there are always snacks, milk and/or juice, plus we still get ice-cream (for SQ flights)! Sometimes I also get a nice paper cup with a lid for my favourite apple juice ... so that I don't get spills.

Have a look at some of my inflight meals!
(and I will add more pictures in future)

Breakfast - Singapore to Tokyo (JAL)

Dinner - Seoul to Singapore (SQ)
Breakfast - Singapore to Seoul (SQ)

Snack - Singapore to Seoul (SQ)
Breakfast - Singapore to Nagoya (SQ)
Dinner - Nagoya to Singapore (SQ)
Breakfast - Singapore to Perth (SQ)
Lunch - Perth to Singapore (SQ)
Lunch - Singapore to Seoul (SQ)

Lunch - Seoul to Singapore (SQ)
Brunch - Singapore to Male (Silkair)

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