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白い恋人パーク . 시로이 고이비토 (하얀 연인) 파크 . 白色恋人公园

(A sightseeing stop in the Hong Thai Travel 7D Hokkaido Package Tour, my first packaged tour experience.)

Half an hour after leaving the lunch restaurant near the Hokkaido Shrine, we reached the 白い恋人パーク  Shiroi Koibito Park. I was very excited because Mom said that it was a theme park, so I was hoping there will be rides!

Mom said the park felt like a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory set, but European style.

Grandpa apparently wanted to be a part of the props ...

At the entrance of the factory tour, all of us were given a "passport" and 1 delicious and sweet Ishiya biscuit, which Mom said is a famous savoury item from Hokkaido.

(Mom's Notes: About the Passport ... 1 stamp is awarded for every visit, or for every 1000 yen spent at the Chocolate Lounge or Workshop. Collect 10 stamps and you'll get free park membership with free entry to the park, newsletter and promotions.)

And there is the photo-op. Mom bought a package with one indoor shot (setting as per photo below), and one outdoor shot for ¥1000. Mom said the souvenir biscuit tin with my photo would be more unique but it was expensive.
I had to take the photo several times because the picture did not turn out nice :-(

The first part was like a museum which I walked through very quickly but Mom stopped several times to have a closer look. I had to drag her to move faster.

Aurora Fountain

Chocolate Cup Collection
Chocolate Cup Collection

Chocolate Cup Collection

Chocolate Cup Collection

Information Gallery on Chcocolate
Chocolate Time Tunnel
Chocolate Time Tunnel
Chocolate Time Tunnel
Package labels display
Then, it was a little more interesting when we got to see the cookie production line from above. I waved at the staff, but no one saw me ...

Corporate Gallery
Corporate Gallery

Corporate Gallery

Corporate Gallery
Mom said it was strange that they also had exhibits on Gramaphone and Toys from a long time ago. But nevertheless, it was interesting to me.

I wanted to have some chocolate cake at the Chocolate Lounge チョコレートラウンジ but Mom said we did not have much time left, so we will have to leave it for the next time. Mom said the view at the restaurant is beautiful!

¥330 per slice for the pink cake, ¥441 for the chocolate cake

Great view

Parfait ranges from ¥630 to ¥945
The Cookie Craft Studio お菓子作り体験工房 (next to the Chocolate Lounge) had several fun activities, but that will have to be for the next time too.

Additional fees apply - click on the link above

And we finally left the building for the Rose Garden ローズガーデン. And it was so much fun here! I had fun exploring the miniature houses, played the bubbles with other kids, and watched the Sapporo Mechanical Clock Tower 札幌からくり時計塔 chime parade!

Fun with bubbles!
Can you find me?

Grandpa and me went to check out the Shiroi Koibito Railway 白い恋人鉄道 whilst Grandma and Mom checked out the Gift Shop. I reminded Mom to get a box of the biscuits, but Mr Tour Guide said we need not buy too many now since we can also get them at the airport.

Shop Piccadilly

Candy Labo

I wished there was more time to take the Railway train ... it looked fun!

     Train Fares:  Adults 300円 / Children below 12 years old 200円
                       Free for children below 2 years old
     Operating Hours: 0920 - 1720 hours
     Ride Duration:     10 mins

Train Station / Ticket Counter

Notes from Mom

The hour that was given to explore the park isn't quite sufficient, that is, if we want to spend some time at the Chocolate Lounge, take up one cookie workshop, take a train ride, or to browse around the gift shop.

Another interesting thing to do will be to send a postcard from the Goods Shop Colombia グッズショップ・コロンビア, which is affixed with the "Shiroi Koibito Park" stamp.


Address:  北海道札幌市西区宮の沢2-2-11-36
Tel:         011-666-1481
Direction: 7 mins walk from Miyanosawa Station 宮の沢駅 on Tozai Subway Line 東西線
               About 25 mins by taxi / car from JR Sapporo Station JR札幌駅

Admission Fees (for the factory tour):
   ¥600 (above 16 years old)
   ¥200 (below 16 years old)
   Free (3 years old and below)
Opening Hours:
   白い恋人パーク Park: 0900-1800 (last entry at 5pm)
   ショップ・ピカデリー/キャンディ・ラボ Gift Shop:  0900-1900
   Open all year long.

Mom spotted this sign, with a wrong English translation, in the carpark.
Do you know what is wrong?

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