Wednesday, 12 September 2012


자갈치시장 . ジャガルチ市場 . 扎嘎棋市场

We took the subway from Busan Station 부산역, which was near our hotel, to Jagalchi Station 자갈치역. Mom bought the one-day railpass with unlimited subway rides for 4000, and it was free for me.

Busan Station 부산역 - steps all the way
A short ride later, we reached Jagalchi Station 자갈치역, and took a short walk to Jagalchi Market 자갈치 시장.

Passed by Shindonga Market 신동아 시장, which also has several seafood eateries here

Although I have been to a wet market in Singapore with Grandma, I have never seen so many kinds of seafood. Mom also said that most of the seafood sold in Singapore are frozen, whilst those in Korea were caught straight from the sea/ ocean.

I spotted a baby octupus trying to run away ... but the auntie caught it quickly.

The octupus crawled out from the basket ...
And went as far as the umbrella stand in the middle of the pathway,
before it was caught! I was a bit scared of it.

Mom said lunch would be in this blue building called Jagalchi Market 자갈치 시장.

On the 2nd floor, the adults had a hard time deciding which eatery to go to.

Mom ordered the hoe set 생선회, because it is Busan's famous food (Mom: plus it was too much a hassle trying to order a-la-carte whilst trying to figure out the menu which was all in Korean).

The raw fish ordered was prepared, and delivered
straight from the fish market downstairs

I could only eat the fried fish, scallop, pumpkin and rice because all the other food were raw, or had chilli and were spicy!

Side dishes 반찬
Raw fish platter 생선회
Spicy Fish Soup 매운탕
Grandma's additional order for me
Sea snails? They looked a bit small...

After lunch, we went behind the building to see the Nampo Port 남포항.

We saw this view from the restaurant too

Nampo Port 남포항

Then it's back inside to visit the seafood market.

From here, we walked to the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square to see the "stars" (it was more for Mom's sake, actually).

The nearby Lotte Busan Department Store
@ BIFF Square - actor in the making?

Mom's Notes
  • Very interesting experience for kids, especially for urban kids who probably have few opportunities to visit a seafood market. The challenge is trying to identify the seafood with their English names, and we have never seen some of these species before in Singapore!
  • From the Korean blogs, it seemed that the locals prefer to eat at the aforementioned Shindonga Market 신동아 시장, or at those sea/bay-facing outdoor eateries ... we may try the latter if we visit Busan again
  • I cannot quite remember it now, but I think the hoe lunch cost about S$30-40 per person
  • There were not many non-spicy food options for kids, and I would like to assume that this is the case for most of the eateries there since the menu offerings do not differ much
  • Cramped feet alert ... as the eateries in the Jagalchi Market offered only Korean-style seating (no chairs), so get the kids to stand or move around after a while
  • For adventurous parents, and it will be an exhilarating experience for kids watching you eat them, try the live octopus - sannakji 산낙지. Note the risks!

     Address:    자갈치시장 [600-044] 부산광역시 중구 자갈치해안로 52
     Tel:           (051) 713-8000
     Directions:  Via Subway Line 1, then Exit 10 of Jagalchi Station 자갈치역 
                      or Exit 2 of Nampodong Station 남포동역 (map)
     Opening Hours: 0800 - 2200 hours



  1. Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed it! I recently visited Jagalchi for the first time on a visit to Busan and had quite an enjoyable experience. Please check out my blog post and photos about my experience at Cheers!

    1. Thanks, and we enjoyed reading your post too!