Sunday, 16 September 2012


뽀로로파크 . ポロロパーク . 小企鹅主题游乐园

Although I'd much prefer my LEGO Ninjago over this little penguin anytime, my visit to the Pororo Park was totally awesome! Mom had first introduced Pororo to me when she brought back books or toys featuring Pororo from her Korea work trips. I liked them a little because Pororo and his friends are all so colourful and cute!

About Pororo Park

There are 2 different Pororo Parks in Seoul, with one in D-Cube City (서울시 구로구 신도림동 360-51 디큐브시티백화점 4층 Tel: 02-1661-6340), and the latest one in Jamsil Lotte World (서울시 송파구 잠실동 롯데월드 지하3층 Tel: 02-1661-6371).

Mom's Korean friend suggested that we visit the Jamsil one since it has just opened and would be less crowded.


Getting In

After getting our tickets, we were each tagged and then Mom went to deposit our bags and shoes in the locker (no shoes to be worn inside). Mom wasn't sure if we needed to pay to use the lockers because the staff helped Mom with it.

Ticket Counter
Paper wrist tag

And I could not wait to start!
Mom reminded me that we would only have 2 hours here as she did not want to pay more if we overran our time. Aye aye mdm!


So Many Activities!

Bumper Car
Note they have regular 10mins intervals
of ride "rest-time"


Sandy Playground

Boots for use and wash area

Ferris Wheel
Kids only
Bouncing Sea Playground

Activity Rooms with scheduled activities taking place every 3 hours

Pororo's House
Shrunk to kid's size!

Camping Playground

Theatre - 15 mins show
Different shows on different days

Merry Go Round

Photos with Pororo
There were plenty of opportunities to take a photograph with Pororo and his friends, and even a mascot appearance!

There is a small cafe inside the park that sells burgers and pastries, but since it was close to dinner time, Mom suggested that we eat at the Lotteria Fast Food restaurant next door instead (there are many restaurants and even a food court nearby).

Pororo-themed toilets
Water dispenser + wet tissues provided
Gift Shop
Snack shop outside the park

Mom's Notes
  • Website is in Korean only, and the Park staff speak minimal English
  • No English brochures available
  • Entry discount is available for local credit cards only - good time to ask your Korean friends to help purchase the tickets (tickets can be purchased online)
  • No need to wear socks into the park
  • Plenty of food options near Pororo Park, plus a good view of the ice skating rink and Lotte World Theme Park above (where several Korean dramas have been filmed here)

  • Fans of the K-drama "A Gentleman's Dignity 신사의 품격" will be familiar with the Mango Six chain which was constantly featured in the show. There is a small take-away outlet just outside the Lotte World Theme Park entrance.

Park Details

Opening Hours:
10am - 8pm (Mom-Fri, Sun)
10am - 9pm (Sat)
Last entry is 2 hours before the closing time.

Adult - 10,000 won for first 2 hours / 500 won for every subsequent 10 mins
Child - 20,000 won for first 2 hours / 1000 won for every subsequent 10 mins

Free entry for children below 1 year old.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Getting There

Take subway Line 2 or 8 to Jamsil Station (잠실역). From the Lotte World / Lotte Department Store exit (Exit 4), we walked towards the direction of the Lotte World Theme Park.

In front of the Lotte World Theme Park entrance, take the escalator down 1 level to the ice skating rink and turn left (you can see the signage). The Pororo park is at the perimeter of the ice skating rink, next to the Lotteria Fast Food Restaurant.




  1. Thank u. I am puzzled where to bring my kid

    1. Thanks for reading my blog ... Hope you have fun there!

  2. Wonder if I stayed at lotteworld hotel, can I enjoy discounts off the pororo park tickets?
    I know coupang has 30% Discount. But the website is all in korean

  3. Hi Hi.. can I check with you, do we need to pay for the Lotte Park tickets if we intend to only visit the Pororo Park?

    1. Mom: Thanks for dropping by! Are you referring to the Lotte Theme Park? No, this is not within the theme park, so no need to buy additional tickets to enter.