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レゴランド マレーシア . 레고랜드 말레이시아 . 乐高乐园

And we're back to Legoland Malaysia!

This time, we went with my Aunt Jas, Uncle John and my cousin Sofie by car for half a day (noon), and to go by car was much faster! Grandma told Mom that today is the PSLE Marking School Holiday so there may be more people at the park. Compared to our last visit here, it was double (or maybe even triple) the number of people, which meant that I had to queue and wait to get onto rides.


Other than going for the "Build & Test" zone again, we also spent some time at the Duplo Playtown and Express, and finished the remaining rides in this area.

Check with the staff at the entrance on the
different show timings. Last show at 5pm.
Lego Studios - watched the 4D "Racers" show
which was nice and not scary

Musical Fountain - music pipes up as you walk past
Large baby care room here!

Aerial view of the Kingdom's "The Dragon"
The Tower - air-con inside the capsule was
not really working so it was hot inside

Aerial view of Imagination zone
Aerial view of the Land of Adventure
Aerial view of the entrance and Medini Mall

Land of Adventure

I was hoping to see some dinosaurs here but alas, I only spotted one. At least they had my favourite LEGO Ninjago toys on sale here!

Adventure Games - need to pay extra

The lone dinosaur that I saw


Mom tried the Dino Island ride alone because I did not meet the minimum height requirement of 120cm. So I busied myself with the Lego station nearby. When Mom came back after the ride, she was half-soaked! She said she should have worn a poncho ...
Up they go ...

At least the queue was not too bad
Then it's off to the Beetle Bounce, and the Lost Kingdom of Adventure (indoor laser shooting game). The latter ride had a long queue and we waited about 20 mins. But I liked the ride so we sat it twice.

Min 90cm tall and 2 years old to ride with an adult.
To ride alone, at least 105cm and above 4 years old
Beetle Bounce

Quite a long queue
At least 120cm to ride alone ... so I don't qualify

Aim for the green lights to score!

Lastly, I played at the indoor playground called Pharaoh's Revenge, and Mom got us some ice cream to cool off the heat.

And of course, I had to make a trip to the store to check out my Lego Ninjago toys!

Back to the Favourites

I spent the rest of the time taking some of my favourite rides again.

Royal Joust - took this twice ... I really enjoy this!
Rescue Academy

Driving School - more crowded this time and all vehicles were taken up

Lunch @ Pizza Mania
This time, we tried this restaurant located inside the Imagination zone. And it was mainly pasta and freshly-made pizza here.
I thought the food was ok (I was happy that the kids meal had Ribena), but Mom only found the Turkey Ham Carbonara pasta passable.
Full house during lunch time

Long long queues
Sofie and me trying to look into the kitchen
Little difference between the kid and adult sizes
Kid-sized pasta and pizza for RM30.
Comes with a fruit cup and Ribena each

Shopping Time
This is one shopping that I enjoy ... shopping for toys!

@ the Brick Shop - where you pick up the photos too

This wasn't ready the last time we came
Medini Mall
Because we had to cut through Medini Mall to get to Legoland from the carpark, we had a better look at this new mall this time. It looked 60% open, and there was KFC, Blackball Dessert, Briyani's, Carlo Rino, Absolute Thai, tidbit store, Royal Selangor, and several restaurants etc. Mom said we can have our meals here next time.

Parking @ LEGOLAND
A confusing matter.
When Uncle John drove towards the Legoland carpark, the carpark staff signaled for us to u-turn back and return to the Medini Mall carpark. No reason given on why we cannot park there.
Although it was nearer to get to the Legoland entrance from the Medini Mall, there were no signages to indicate that we should park there and many cars had to do the u-turn like us.

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