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ノリタケの森 . 노리타케의 숲 . Noritake的森林

Mom did not manage to get tickets to a baseball match, so Mom said we should do a city tour instead because this was Grandma's first visit to Nagoya. Mom bought the Meguru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus メーグル、なごや観光ルートバス One-Day Pass, and our first stop was the Noritake Garden ノリタケの森.
Meguru Bus Stop, opposite the Garden
Lovely place for a picnic
Fountain Plaza 噴水広場

Multipurpose Hall 多目的ホール on the left (toilets are here)
Mom and me went to the Craft Center and Noritake Museum クラフトセンター・ノリタケミュージアム
Mom said we'd skip the ceramic painting workshop because
it would be expensive to have it delivered to Singapore
Grandma of course went shopping


Kiln Wall 窯壁

Chimney Plaza 煙突広場 - but I think I only saw 4 out of the 6
I got bored because there was nothing for me to play, and Mom kept telling me to be careful of the plates and bowls because she could not pay for them if I broke them.
After visiting Noritake Garden, we also saw the Osaka Castle 大阪城, took a picture at the Nagoya TV Tower 名古屋テレビ塔, and shopped at Oasis 21 オアシス 21, before returning to the JR Nagoya Station.
We met up with Aunty Chihiro and family again at the Hitsumabushi Bincho ひつまぶし備長 restaurant in ESCA エスカ for a delicious dinner!
The ESCA underground shopping avenue
Long dinner queue at 5.30pm
Kids set 1300円 + 1 scoop of ice-cream for desert
I've seen eels on Discovery Channel, but I've never eaten one before
Adults' Hitsumabushi ひつまぶし set 3100円
Top up 150円 to include one piece of unagi liver in the soup

     Address:    〒453-0015 愛知県名古屋市中村区椿町6番9号先 エスカ地下街内
     Tel:            052-451-5557
     Directions:        Linked to the Nagoya Station via an underground shopping street
     Opening Hours: 11am - 3.30pm / 5pm - 10pm
Spot me!
Mom's Notes
  • The Meguru pass offers great value for money and convenience, having had the experience of navigating on my own on public transport to the various key attractions in Nagoya city. What I liked about the pass was that it brought us right to the attraction's doorstep, but the bus got really crowded most times that we never got a seat, so younger kids may not take well to this
  • Although the Noritake Garden was a lovely and tranquil place to relax and have a meal, there really wasn't much that kids could do there, except to run around the garden
  • The charcoal-grilled Hitsumabushi (eel) dinner was simply amazing, and Marcus enjoyed his very much too! Although it was relatively expensive, it was definitely well worth the price. As with most popular Japanese restaurants, do not expect to linger after your meal as the tables need to be quickly cleared for other diners waiting in the queue
     Address:    〒451-8501 愛知県名古屋市西区則武新町3-1-36
     Tel:           052-561-7114 / 052-561-7142
     Directions: Click here
     Opening Hours: 10am - 5/6pm (restaurant opens till 10.30pm)
                             Refer to the calendar for the days the garden is closed
     Admission Fees: Free, except for the Craft Centre and Museum Adult 500円 / 
                              Teen (15-18 years old) 300円 / Child (below 15 years old) Free

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