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五稜郭 . 고료카쿠
(A sightseeing stop in the Hong Thai Travel 7D Hokkaido Package Tour, my first packaged tour experience.)

It was a great morning for me because the hotel breakfast buffet served one of my favourite food - ikura! Mom said I can't eat too much though ...

On our way to Fort Goryokaku 五稜郭, Mr. Tour Guide shared more details about Fort Goryokaku. Shaped as a star, the fort was Japan's first fortress modelled after the medieval European fortified cities, and it was built to protect the Hakodate Magistrate's Office during the Edo period. It is now a famous park and a popular sakura viewing spot in spring.

It was a nice and warm day today.
The park is nice and large, but a lot of the trees were bare!

We also saw the Hakodate Magistrate's Office 函館奉行所 which is now a museum, but we did not go in.

On our way out, we saw the Goryokaku Tower. Mr Tour Guide said we can get a bird's eye view of the Fort from the Tower Viewing Platform, but since there wasn't much to see, he did not think it would be value for money to pay to go up.

Lunch @ Kanigoten かに御殿

About 3 hours later, we reached our restaurant for lunch - Kanigoten かに御殿. And what greeted me was a huge crab, fish and black bear on the roof. Awesome!

    Address:             〒059-0642 北海道白老郡白老町竹浦 96-2
    Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm

    Tel:                    0144-87-3887 

Can you spot little me?

First stop was the seafood market on Level 1 where everyone had the chance to hold a HUGE crab and take pictures. I was scared so I just looked from afar.

Namako (sea cucumber) ... they looked more like worms to me
Sea urchin
On Level 2, we had steamboat for lunch, which included crab of course. Mom and I don't eat crab, so Grandpa and Grandma ate it all. They said it was very nice.

View from the restaurant

After lunch, Grandpa, Mom and me went to enjoy the ocean breeze and view, which was simply awesome!

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