Sunday, 22 April 2012


富良野 . 후라노

(A sightseeing stop in the Hong Thai Travel 7D Hokkaido Package Tour, my first packaged tour experience.)

Mom was looking forward to visiting the Furano district because she had heard so much about the beauty of this place, and she kept pointing out the scenery for me to see.
(Click here for general information about sightseeing in Furano).

Furano Cheese Factory 富良野チーズ工房‎

Our first stop this morning is the Furano Cheese Factory 富良野チーズ工房, and after we arrived, we went straight upstairs to the retail section as the factory was not operating that morning.

As always, Grandma is shopping again

Free tasting of squid ink cheese and wine cheese

Since there was nothing for us to do, Grandpa and me decided to milk the cow

Although it was cold, I told Mom that we must try their ice-cream, which came in interesting flavours like pumpkin and cheese ... all made from Furano's natural produce.

   Add:     北海道富良野市中五区
   Tel:       0167-23-1156
   Access: About 9mins by taxi (about 1040 yen) from JR Furano Station (map).
               The JR Twinkle Bus is another option.
   Free entry and parking.

   Operating Hours:
      Apr 1 - Oct 31   9am-5pm
      Nov 1 - Mar 31  9am-4pm
      Closed from Dec 31 - Jan 3

Furano Wine ふらのワイン

The next stop is Furano Wine ふらのワイン which did not quite interest me.
After a quick tour of the cellars, the adults got to sample the Furano wines. Mom told me to be careful of the wines in the crates as they were fragile.

Thankfully, the winery also sells grape juice, which was very delicious. Mom bought 2 small bottles home.


     Tel:      0167-22-3242
    Access: About 9mins by taxi (about 940 yen) from JR Furano Station.
                The JR Twinkle Bus is another option.
    Free entry and parking.

     Operating Hours: 9am-4.30pm (except Jun - Aug  9am-6pm)
                              Closed from Dec 31 - Jan 1

Ken and Mary Tree ケンとメーリの木

The Ken and Mary tree became famous because it was featured in a popular commercial for a Japanese car in 1976. I thought it was funny that a big tree should suddenly appear in the middle of the fields.
Watch that commercial here (starts at 3:30)

    Address:    美瑛町字大久保
    Directions: 5 mins by car or a 35 mins walk from JR Biei Station 美瑛駅

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