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銀河・流星の滝 . 긴가&유성 폭포 . 银河-流星瀑布

(A sightseeing stop in the Hong Thai Travel 7D Hokkaido Package Tour, my first packaged tour experience.)

After travelling for about 30 mins from the Ice Pavilion, we reached the Ginga no Taki or Ginga Waterfall 銀河の滝 (also known as Milky Way Falls) and Ryusei no Taki or Ryusei Waterfall 流星の滝 (also known as Shooting Stars Falls). The waterfalls have frozen but they were still a pretty sight.

Gift shop and a restroom here
Map of other waterfalls in the Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Area


We spotted a wild deer!
Mom said not to go near as they're untamed and untrained

      Address:  〒078-1701 北海道上川郡上川町
      Tel:         01658-2-1211 (上川町役場)
      Direction: 30 mins by car/taxi from JR Kamikawa Station 上川駅

Overnight at Sounkyo Kanko Hotel 層雲峡観光ホテル

About 20 mins away from the falls, we stayed the night at Sounkyo Kanko Hotel 層雲峡観光ホテル, and Mr Tour Guide said the hotel has a good onsen. Mom asked if I wanted to try the onsen, and I said no because I will be burnt!

      Address: 〒078-1797 北海道上川郡上川町層雲峡温泉
      Tel:        01658-5-3101

View from the room
Had loads of fun playing with the room gate

Dinner was a buffet with many many different kinds of food, and our table was completely covered with food. I spent the time waiting for my grandparents and Mom to finish their dinner by spooking the fishes in the fish tank beside the table. And yes, we wore our yutaka for dinner.

I really liked this hotel because it had a games arcade on Level 1, and there were also shows and performances put by the hotel staff after dinner! All of us sat on a big mat in our yutaka, and I enjoyed the show.

Magic show ... performed by a hotel intern
Taiko performance ... by the guest relations officers

Comedic skit ... by the front desk officers
Photo-op time!
Mom said all the actors are males, even those playing the female parts

Notes from Mom
According to the info board at the falls, the Ginga and Ryusei Waterfalls are also nicknamed as the "Couple Waterfalls", with the Ryusei Waterfall the male waterfall, and Ginga the female waterfall. These 2 falls are also listed as one of Japan's 100 best waterfalls.
Worth a visit to soak in the grandeur of the falls in the Sounkyo Gorge.

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