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アイスパビリオン . 아이스 파빌리온 . 冰之美术馆

(A sightseeing stop in the Hong Thai Travel 7D Hokkaido Package Tour, my first packaged tour experience.)

It was very very (x 100) cold inside the Hokkaido Ice Pavilion, and after spending 15 mins inside, I think I became frozen... like ice.


Most of the uncles and aunties tried the "ice towel" experiment where the wet towel freezes and becomes solid once it was brought inside the Pavilion.
The temperature inside the Pavilion is minus 20 degrees celsius!

I chose to do the "Magic Colour" experiment.
First, I used the magic markers to colour my picture.

Then the uncle placed half of my picture near the heater, and the colour on that half disappeared! But when I went inside the pavilion, the colours came back again.
Wow, it's magic!

Before we went into the actual chamber, all of us had to put on the jackets and gloves that were provided, in addition to the jackets that we were already wearing. Mom said she felt like Humpty Dumpty.

Inside, I was shivering a lot from the cold so I did not really see what was in the pavilion. It was also very slippery although rugs were placed on the floor.

We watched with amazement as some of the brave uncles and aunties went to experience the temperature of minus 41 degree celsius. One push of the button, and a strong wind blew for 10 seconds to bring the temperature down to -41 in that corner!
Mr Tour Guide said minus 41 degree celsius was the lowest temperature ever recorded in Hokkaido.

When we came out, we collected a cup of hot tea and a cookie to warm ourselves up (it was provided free of charge). I went to look at the sea angel exhibit whilst Mom spotted an interesting gadget.

To warm up and not fog the spectacles
Sea Angel

And the hot roasted sweet potatoes were a big hit!

Opening Hours:  8.30am - 5.30pm
                        Open throughout
Address:           〒078-1733 北海道上川郡上川町栄町40 番地
Tel:                   01658-2-2233
Ticketing: Adult     900 yen (discounted price)
               Student 550 yen (discounted price)
               Child     200 yen (discounted price)
               Free for kids 3 years old and below
Direction: 3 mins by taxi from JR Kamikawa Station 上川駅

Notes from Mom

The Ice Pavilion is enroute our journey from Biei 美瑛町 to Sounkyo 層雲峡 where we spent the night.

If the intent is to insert a break for the kids during the long road trip, and to keep them engaged in some activity of interest, this could possibly be considered as an option.

However, personally, I would much rather give this man-made attraction a miss, and instead, soak myself in the astounding natural scenery that surrounds us.

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