Monday, 2 April 2012

Saving Money for My Travels

旅行のお金 . 여행의돈 . 旅费
In our family of 4, Mom is the only one working since my grandparents were too old to work. We don't have a lot of money but we love to travel, so we always need to save a lot of money before we can go on a holiday.
I have to save for my holiday too.
This means that I cannot buy that toy car that I like, eat less snacks or ice-cream (Mom says too much sweet stuff is bad for my teeth anyway), and sometimes, we walk instead of taking the bus. Mom also gives me an allowance for helping out at home, and I save all my money in the bank.
Mom is always looking for cheaper hotels to stay in in other countries, and sometimes, we stay at the homes of Mom's overseas friends too. I like to stay at their homes because there are other children that I can play with. Mom said it's great when my grandparents or grandaunt joins us for a holiday since we can divide out the cost ... hmm, I have not learnt what division is...
When I grow up, I want to make a lot of money so that Mom and I can always go for a holiday every year!


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