Monday, 2 April 2012

What I Pack for my Travels

何が持って行くのですか?. 旅行要带什么呢?
My mom says it's a breeze travelling with me ever since I was a small kid.
Other than my no-lactose diet, I don't shout or make a lot of noise onboard flights (too busy playing the games on Singapore Airlines), I stick close to Mom when we are overseas (I'm scared about getting lost), and I'm game for a lot of things.
Of course, Mom has to do lots of planning and research to make sure that there are enough activities in our trip to keep me occupied. In fact, she also has a list of "things to pack" that she refers to for each trip so we're pretty much 100% fully equipped.
Here are some of the things that she always packs for me:

MY HAND LUGGAGE (yes, I bring my own cabin bag ... those with wheels)
  1. Biscuits
  2. 1 pair of pants and underwear (accidents happen!)
  3. Jacket
  4. Lip balm
  5. Some medicine
  6. Milk sachets (and bottles for little kids)
  7. Passport
  8. My small comfort pillow
  9. Plastic bag
  10. 1 pair of socks (it gets cold onboard, and I hate blankets)
  11. My favourite toy or book
  12. Water bottle
  13. Wet wipes
  1. Beanie, scarf, thermal wear and gloves for colder climes
  2. Body wash, shampoo and body lotion
  3. Bottle wash
  4. Clothes
  5. Disinfectant
  6. Face towel
  7. Medicine and thermometer (and prescriptions if necessary)
  8. Milk sachets/ powder (and milk bottles when I was smaller)
  9. More biscuits and snacks
  10. Pajamas
  11. Plastic bags
  12. Socks
  13. Thermos Flask
  14. Toothbrush
  15. Vest (handy when the temperature suddenly drops)
  16. Wet wipes

What other things do you bring?

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