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七五三の撮影 @ スタジオアリス . 시치・고・산 촬영 @ 스튜디오 앨리스 . 拍七五三节的纪念照

(This is a postdated post. Trip took place in Sep 2011.)

Mom thought it would be a great idea to take my first studio photos in Japan since the Shichi-Go-San Festival 七五三 was coming soon, and I had just turned 5 years old.

We were visiting Mom's good friend Aunt Chihiro, so we went to Studio Alice スタジオアリス which was near her house. Aunt Chihiro picked us up from the Mitsukoshi Department Store 三越 exit of Hoshigaoka Station 星が丘駅 and drove us there. Mom said she misses this place a lot, because she used to frequently visit Hoshigaoka when she was working in Nagoya.

The adults talked with the shop staff while I ran around the place.

(Mom's Notes: Upon arrival, a consultation with the staff on the photography package takes place first. Then, we were offered 3 different 7-5-3 package which varied in terms of the number of photos, the free gifts, the number of change in clothes, and the price.

Our package = 6-page album + 3-photo wall frame + 2-photo plastic stand + 2-photo pocket album + 1-photo tri-fold album [technically for the pictures at 3, 5 and 7 years old] + 1 free kids watch).

After Mom has decided, it was my turn to get busy!
Measurements first
Choosing my kimono and suit .. don't know why Mom kept suggesting others after I had chosen
Off to my nice dressing room

The attached kids hair & makeup space
It even has toys and books for kids

My Japanese kimono - I like the tiger on the back
After putting on the tabi 足袋 (socks), I wore the hadajuban 肌襦袢 (undergarment)
Next was the nagajuban 長襦袢 (innerwear)
Then the datejime 伊達締め to tie them all up
Next was the hakama 袴, and after this, the haori 羽織 (kimono-like jacket)

Off to get the hair done ... choosing from the catalogue
Spray here, comb over there

I'm finally done!
My nice suit

Now I am all ready to take photos!

Trying to get me to hold a pose ... haha
Wore the zori 草履 (slipper), and held a fan

Mom can see my photos on the computer screen nearby

Next scene ... to show the tiger on my haori
Heh heh, I get to hold a (fake) sword
Changing to the suit

Phew! I'm finally done. It was fun ... Mom looked tired though. While I played with toys, the adults chose my pictures. They took so long to choose ... I was so bored.

We can go now! Mom paid the bill, and they gave me a bag with the tabi that I wore, the comb that I used, the free kids watch, and chitose ame 千歳飴 which Mom said was a candy.

After dinner with Aunt Chihiro and her family, Mom and I walked around Hoshigaoka, and I had delicious parfait パフェ for desert at nana's green tea ナナズグリーンティー. Yum!

     Address: ナナズグリーンティー が丘テラス店
                   愛知県名古屋市千種区星が丘元町16-50 1階
     Tel:        052-734-6507
     Operating Hours: 10am - 9pm

Mom Notes:
  • Collection time is about 2 weeks later. They do not deliver overseas, so it would be better to have a Japanese friend help you collect and mail it out if you are in Japan for less than 2 weeks. Prepare to pay for postage as all items combined are heavy
  • Prior reservation is a must. To make a reservation online (which sometimes comes with a free gift), you'll need to join the free membership first. It's unclear whether an address in Japan is required. Otherwise, call to enquire
  • Very little English is spoken, and the website is only in Japanese
  • Allocate about half a day or more to do this ... the time consuming parts for me were the selection of clothes and photos for the album
  • Great service and environment, and the staff were very patient (lots needed to get the kids to hold a pose!) and they help the kids to dress up too
  • An extra 1050 円 (license fee) is charged to include a Disney character in the photos, e.g. the extra large Mickey Mouse soft toy clad in a kimono
  • Package varies, so please check the website/store for the details and pricing

     Address: Studio Alice スタジオアリス / 天白焼山店, 〒468-0002 名古屋市天白区焼山2-101
     Tel:        052-808-7471 / Customer Service Hotline: 0120-855-753

     Operating Hours: 10am - 7pm
     Closed on:          Apr 25, May 16, 22, Jun 13, 20, Jul 11, 18, Aug 8, 2
     (address provided here is for the branch that we went to)

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