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飛騨の里 . 히다 노 사토 민속마을 . 飞弹之乡

(This is a postdated post. Trip took place in Sep 2011.)

Off to Takayama City 高山市 today.

This was my first time taking an express train! Mom bought us boxed lunches called ekiben 駅弁 from Nagoya Station, to eat on our 2-hour train ride.

Me and my cow luggage bag
Our ride is finally here
I saw a shinkansen!

Mom kept telling me to look at the beautiful scenery ...

But I was kinda busy ...
Early lunch ... Mom said this was the only bento that she could find that had an egg
Mom's lunch, which looks yucky to me. Too much greens! (850円)

Our stop is announced!
First we went to the tourist centre - to collect brochures and get a stamp.

JR Takayama Station
Tourist Info Centre, opposite the JR Station. Can you see our hotel?
No paper so on the map the ink stamp went

Mom spotted the hotel sign, but she went in the wrong direction, so we walked the longer way to the hotel.

We stayed at the Best Western Hotel Takayama
The longer way

After putting away our overnight baggage, we went to the Takayama Nohi Bus Centre 高山濃飛バスセンター to get tickets to Hida no Sato 飛騨の里. Mom paid 900円 for the 2-way bus + entrance ticket combination, and it's free for me!

10 mins later, we reached the Hida no Sato stop, and took a short walk up to the entrance.

It was very beautiful!

At the entrance, Mom told me to pick up a traditional Japanese umbrella since it was rather sunny, but I was more eager to see the fishes and the swan!
30円 for one breadstick to feed the fishes

Small stations where traditional games and toys were displayed
We started walking left from the entrance, towards the houses and shrines...

六地蔵 Six Statues of Jizo - Buddhist statues representing the 6 paths to beings

The Arai's House (late 1700s) 旧新井家
Going up to Nakayabu's House

旧中藪家 Nakayabu's House (from 1600s)


Wakayama's House 旧若山家

Water wheel at わらび粉小屋
ハサ小屋 and 旧西岡家
Nishioka's House 旧西岡家

Wheel-shaped rice paddy 車田
(only 2 such rice paddies remain in Japan, and it was made to dedicate rice to the gods)

We did not visit all the houses, and some of the houses were old and scary. We headed back to the entrance again, and Mom took a souvenir photo for me.

Back at the bus stop / gift shop, Mom bought a さるぼぼ handphone strap for good luck.

Mom's Notes
  • Signs and explanations of each exhibit are available in English, and there are also tours conducted by volunteer guides in Japanese (no tours on Nov-Apr)
  • The traditional Japanese umbrellas are free to use
  • The Hida no Sato website in Japanese provides a lot more information on the background and historical significance of the houses
  • Traditional craft workshops are also available for an additional fee (reservations required)
  • According to the Hida no Sato bus stop time schedule, the bus departs from Hida no Sato to the Takayama Nohi Bus Centre at the 29th and 49th minute of every hour, ie. 0929, 0949, 1029 ... starting from 0929, and the last one departs at 1649

     Address:    〒506-0055 岐阜県高山市上岡本町1-590
     Tel:           0577-34-4711
     Directions:  As above
     Admission Fees:
     Adults 700円
     Child   200円
     Opening Hours:
     8.30am - 5pm
     Open throughout the year.

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