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トヨタ産業技術記念館 . 토요타 산업 기술 기념관 .    丰田产业技术纪念馆

(This is a postdated post. Trip took place in Sep 2011.)

We have just arrived in Nagoya today!
I am very sleepy, and very excited!

In front of Nagoya Station

Our hotel was near Nagoya Station 名古屋駅, so Mom and I shared lunch at a small restaurant called Kitchen Nagoya キッチンなごや inside Nagoya Station. Mom said they had one of Nagoya's famous food - Miso Katsu 味噌カツ ... which I only liked a little. I was the only noisy kid in the restaurant, and everyone else was in a suit!

After lunch, we walked to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology 産業技術記念館 from Kamejima Station, and we would have got there sooner if Mom did not keep losing her way.

After Mom bought the tickets, I got to choose where to start, so off we went to Technoland テクノランド.

Automobile section
Textile Section

There were so many fun things to do here! Mom said the exhibits showed the technology behind cars and textile production.

I'm too short to sit this ...

I very much wanted to try this, but I'm not tall enough ...
Techno Circuit

Testing the wind speed ... Mom said I will be blown away for sure
Rhythmic Pistons
Tap the buttons following some rhythm ...
... to move the cars, and the fastest car wins!

I like this a lot. But I need Mom's help to walk on the treadmill ("loom") as it was hard for me to do so alone

Pump to get the ball bearing move from left to right

Mom said we had to go check out the rest of the museum. So to the more serious stuff ...

Textile Machinery Pavilion
Lucky that there was the interactive screen to play with
Automobile Pavilion

Mom had sat on this i-unit when she was in World Expo Japan in 2005
Trial sessions @ 10.30-11.30am, 2-3pm, and 3.30-4.30pm

Towards the end of our visit, I had the chance to make my own plastic car mobile phone strap, and a commemorative token. All for free.

Mobile Phone Strap - push some buttons and watch it being made
Fixing on my favourite strap colour
Ta-dah! Only 1 strap each.
Push the lever in to make the token
Auntie helped me with the strap
Hee, won't show you what design I chose

At the exit, and near the gift store, we watched the Toyota Partner Robot perform several songs using a trumpet. Mom said the robot is really playing the trumpet, and that they even performed as a band in the World Expo 2005.

Performing at regular intervals

Dinner was at a small restaurant next to our hotel.
I helped Mom buy our meal tickets from the machine. I was so hungry that I almost finished my meal.

This cost only 680

Mom's Notes
  • Technoland is a great place for kids to learn about the science behind the manufacturing of automobiles and textile production
  • In general, I felt that some of the content presented in the pavilions were too heavy for younger children, although the museum had attempted to include more interactive stations and demonstrations
  • Good to go on weekends as the Creative Workshop takes places only on weekends; it seems to target the younger children (we went on a Fri)
  • Exhibits have English explanations, and there is also a free English guided tour (Sundays only, starts at 2pm, 90mins)
  • Do check out the gift shop with its variety of miniature car models and collectibles. Check the online catalogue here

     Address:  〒451-0051 名古屋市西区則武新町4丁目1番35号
     Tel:         052-551-6115
     Direction: 3 mins walk from Sakou Station 栄生駅, or 10 mins walk from Exit No. 2 of
                    Kamejima Station 亀島駅, or 5 mins by taxi from Nagoya Station 名古屋駅
Admission Fees:
Adults                                                    500円
High / Secondary School and JC Students 300円
Elementary / Primary School Students      200円
Enquire at the ticket counter for discounts.

Opening Hours:
9.30am - 5pm (last entry at 4.30pm)
Closed on most Mondays.
Check the calendar before visiting.



  1. Awesome place! A piece of paradise for Toyota fanatics like me! What I wouldn't give to fly to Japan right now just to see that automobile pavilion and look up and close with Toyota car evolution as a glimpse to its history. =)

    1. Thanks for reading my blog!
      I hope you get to visit it soon :-)