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こども陶器博物館 . 어린이 도기 박물관 . 儿童陶器博物馆

(This is a postdated post. Trip took place in Oct 2011.)

We had lunch with Aunt Chihiro and her family @ Hamburg & Curry Tawaraya ハンバーグ&カレー 俵屋, before taking the highway to Tajimi 多治見市. Lunch was nice, but I only liked it a little.

Kids Meal
After about an hour's drive, we reached the Children's Ceramic Art Museum こども陶器博物館, and Miffy and friends welcomed us. Inside, the gift shop was selling a lot of Miffy and Anpanman アンパンマン items.

Tickets can be bought at the cashier counter at the gift shop
We went downstairs to the Art Workshop 絵付け工房, and Mom chose and bought a plate for me. Aunt Chihiro and Big Brother Rio chose bigger plates, and they used the water colours while I used the crayons. Aunt Chihiro said that I can use the plate, with the picture that I had drawn, for meals.

Samples of finished artwork
Purchase the plates here and collect the crayons
Choosing the plate, bowl, tile or cup. Prices varies.
Looking out to lush greenery as I work

Mom told me to draw what I want, so this is it!
I did not take very long to do this ... about 20 mins.

First, a sketch on paper
My sketch .. I always sign off as Marcus Diego because I love that cartoon

After I copied my drawing onto the plate, I used crayons to colour it
My masterpiece
How the artpiece will look after it is fully completed

Aunt Chihiro and Big Brother Rio haven't finished, so Mom and I went to explore the rest of the place. We started with the museum 常設展示室 on Level 2, which showed children's tea bowls from long ago ... no photos allowed!

At Level 1, we went to the Kid's Stage キッズステージ, where there were magazines, computer games, and books. Mom saw the Rest Area 休憩スペース which was a nice cosy place to have a snack (although no food was sold there).

Rest area

Back at Level B1, I rolled around the Kids Playroom キッズプレイルーム until Mom came over to tell me to get ready to leave.

Aunt Chihiro showed me what they had created, which I thought was nice.

Time to go back to Aunt Chihiro's house for dinner!

Mom's Notes:
  • This activity is probably more suited for older children who have the patience and dexterity to create ceramic art; to allocate about 1 hour
  • The ceramic artwork is thereafter sent for firing and can only be collected 2 weeks to 1 month later, either from the museum itself, or it can be couriered to a local address for an additional fee of ¥550. No overseas delivery is provided
  • Tajimi city 多治見市 can be reached from Nagoya, and this museum is located within the Minoyaki Wholesale Centre 美濃焼卸センター, which congregates several Mino pottery trading companies
  • Tajimi is the biggest pottery producing region in Japan, and it was the birthplace of the first tea bowls (chawan) that were used for the Japanese tea ceremonies in the 16th Century. You can find plenty of pottery making workshops and kilns for enthusiast

     Address:  〒507-0071 岐阜県多治見市旭ヶ丘10-6-67
     Tel:         050-3772-3910
     Direction: 10 mins by taxi from Tajimi Station 多治見駅

Admission Fees (Museum):
Adults                             ¥300
Child (below 12 years old)  Free

Fees for the Art Workshop:
Refer to this page.
Opening Hours:
Museum        10am - 5pm
Art Workshop 10am - 4pm
Closed every Mon and Tue (refer to their calendar for the latest updates)

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