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刈谷ハイウェイオアシス . 카리야 하이웨이 오아시스

(This is a postdated post. Trip took place in Oct 2011.)

Today, Aunt Chihiro is bringing us to a place that she comes often.

After about 30 mins on the highway, we reached Kariya Highway Oasis 刈谷ハイウェイオアシス, and I spotted a big ferris wheel.

Although I really did not need to go, Mom still made me go into the Deluxe Toilet デラックストイレ to have a look.

The Ladies'

Then it's off to a quick lunch at the foodcourt in Central Plaza セントラルプラザ. Aunt Chihiro had made us some onigiri, and Mom also bought one black pork bun for me.

Gift shop

Black pork mandoo / bun
I can see the ferris wheel from the foodcourt
Big Brother Rio ate too fast, he almost choked!

After lunch, we strolled towards the Iwagaike Garden 岩ケ池公園 where there were kiddy rides and go-karts!

Passing by the Mist Fountain ミスト噴水, only operates from Apr-Oct
Passing by Hot Spring かきつばた天然温泉

Merry-Go-Round, ¥100 per ride per person
Mini track

Buying the ¥100 ticket (per person per
ride) for the go-kart from the machine
Mom let me drive!

After that, we went next door to the Super Jungle Gym 大型複合遊具 which was very fun because it was very big and there were many different things to do!
Free entry to the outdoor gym

My favourite slide ... first we climb to the top
Then we let the rollers move us down
Whee! Ouch, my bum!
The fun doesn't end here ... off to the kids playground next!

It was almost time for us to leave.
I wanted to ride the ferris wheel but Mom said we did not have time.

We went back to the Central Plaza where I had a green tea ice cream while waiting for Mom and Aunt Chihiro, who were busy buying prawn crackers. I also joined them in the Ebisenbei no Sato えびせんべいの里 shop to try the different crackers, and everything can be tried!

Mom's Notes

There were a lot more things that can be seen or explored in this place, so Kariya Highway Oasis can almost be a full day activity in itself. Great place for families, and a breakaway from the city stresses!

Don't forget to pick up lots of the delicious prawn crackers / ebisenbei ... they come in a variety of flavours like tomato (highly recommended), squid ink, wasabi, etc.

     Address:  〒448-0007 愛知県刈谷市東境町吉野 55 番地
     Tel:         0566-35-0211 (9am - 10pm daily)
     Direction: From the North Exit of Kariya Station 刈谷駅, take the free East-line bus 東
                    境線 heading towards Kariya Oasis "刈谷ハイウェイオアシス行き" (the most
                    convenient way via public transport)
                    For travel by car, refer to this page (in Japanese).

Admission Fees: Free

Opening Hours:
7am - 10pm
Various opening hours apply to the retail outlets - check it here

Mom loves to eat chikuwa, and this is a famous store. They even have chikuwa keychain!

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