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香港ディズニーランド . 홍콩 디즈니랜드 . 香港迪士尼乐园

(This is a postdated post. Trip took place in Mar 2011.)

We're going to the happiest place on earth in Hong Kong - Hong Kong (HK) Disneyland!

I was very very excited to take the 6-min ride on MTR Disneyland Resort Line to HK Disneyland.

Board the Resort Line from MTR Sunny Bay Station

Even the train handles were shaped like Mickey Mouse's head
Different characters on display

Disneyland Resort Station

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

From the Disneyland Resort Station, we walked to the bus terminal to take the free 5-min resort shuttle to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

To the free shuttle boarding point
The bus stopped by the Hollywood Hotel first

As Mom checked in, Grandma and I were busy exploring the lobby.

Photos with the Disney Princesses
Huh ... no cowboys or pirates?
So I ended up watching Disney cartoons at the TV corner instead

The Mickey Maze outside

I helped Mom open the room door with the Mickey Mouse room key card.
The room even had a bathrobe and slippers for kids!

To the room
Room Key Card

One for me, one for Mom
A bathrobe for me too!
Seven Dwarfs Toiletries

Hong Kong Disneyland

After we checked-in, it was back to the park to have fun in the 4 Lands - Main Street U.S.A., Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Adventureland.

Long walk to the park entrance, and there was this big fountain mid-way

Mom lifted me up to peer into the ticketing window - "Hello gor gor!"
Back view of the entrance

Main Street U.S.A.

City Hall aka Information Center

Main Street Vehicle

Long queue to take this picture!
The Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background

Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad
What a funny train ... we sat sideways instead of facing the front!

The train moved fast so Mom could not take nice photos

I liked "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters" the best, and Mom bought me my first toy gun / laser cannon!

Kids Meal @ Royal Banquet Hall
UFO Zone

Space Mountain - Mom said this was very scary
UFO Zone
Guess who drove?

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters - shoot shoot shoot!

I think Mom took the picture from the wrong side
We did not manage to take all the rides, and I was a little angry at Mom for making me watch the 3D show "Mickey's PhilharMagic" when I did not want to, and it scared me a lot. Hmph.

Sleeping Beauty Castle
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Corner
"It's a small world" - Mom liked this best when she visited
Disneyland when she was little, and I like this too

Street Entertainment
Mickey's PhilharMagic

One unhappy boy after the show

Mad Hatter Tea Cups
Cinderella Carousel

Royal Banquet Hall - aka Food Court
Fantasy Gardens
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
One happy customer
My favourite Disney gift!

Flights of Fantasy Parade
Everyone gathered at centre of the park to wait for the parade to start.
It was very beautiful, and I saw many of my favourite Disney stars!


It was evening by the time we came to Adventureland.
We did not have time to take any rides here because we were meeting my cousin Sofie, Aunt Jas, Uncle John and Grandma for dinner at Citygate Outlets.
Lucky for me ... the whole place looks creepy!

River View Cafe

Jungle River Cruise
Liki Tikis - gulp!

We did not catch the Disney In The Stars fireworks show, and Mom had to quickly shop for gifts before we left the park.


Enchanted Garden Restaurant @ Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

I have always been afraid of mascots since I was little because they looked like giants to me ... so I was not really very keen to have breakfast with them at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. But I think my cousin Sofie was more afraid of them than me.

Mickey Waffles!
I took the waffles myself!

After breakfast, Mom and I went to the gift shop in the hotel called Kingdom Gifts, before we checked out of the hotel and returned to Hong Kong Island.


Mom's Notes
  • Interesting facts and figures on HK Disneyland
  • The best and most fun way to get to the park is via the MTR Disneyland Resort Line ... the Disneyland magic starts here! With the Octopus Card, adult fare is HK$5.90, child fare at HK$3.20
  • It was a breeze getting to and from the resort as there are plenty of signages in English, and the unmistakable Mickey ears to guide you along
  • The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel room rate was relatively pricey and extra activities etc are at additional costs, but the thematic rooms, the roving Disney princesses, etc made it worth the price
  • Prepare to queue a while for the rides ... I think spending 1.5 - 2 days at the park would be better than our rushed 1 day visit
  • We enjoyed the breakfast @ Enchanted Garden Restaurant although it was a relatively expensive hotel breakfast. Kids get up close with their favourite Disney characters, and the mascots made sure to stop at every table for photos. The Mickey-shaped waffles were a nice touch!
  • Since our visit, 3 more areas have since opened - Toy Story Land, Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch
Address: Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Outlying Islands
Tel:        (852) 1830830
Directions:        Click here for the various options
Opening Hours:  10.30am - 8pm (check the daily calendar for updates)
Admission Fees: Click here for the various ticketing options
                        There always seems to be some special giveaway or discount offered
                        at external ticketing outlets like Circle K and MTR.


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