Thursday, 21 March 2013


リトル・ビッグ・クラブ . 리틀 빅 클럽 

It's the March school holidays!
I've been telling Mom that I wanted to visit this new attraction in Johor, and Mom finally said yes.

Mom booked the coach package with WTS Travel, and she paid S$100 for the two of us. Mom felt that visiting Hello Kitty Town in Japan will be more fun, so we only visited The Little Big Club.

We had to go to the Singapore Flyer to board our 0930am coach ... we almost didn't make it due to a traffic jam. It was easy to spot the bus.

By about 11am, we reached Puteri Harbour. The place seemed quiet, and Mom heard that the Malaysia school holidays were only starting next week so that was why it was not crowded.

No other buildings nearby
Only the attractions are open
After we entered, we were tagged (used to ID the photos taken by their photographers), and we went up to Level 1 to sneak a peek at Hello Kitty Town.

Cafe on the ground floor

Hello Kitty Town

This place was all pink.
Mom heard that you need to carry a passport to collect stamps at each activity station, and you can only do each activity once. We saw a long line for one of the activities.

The Little Big Club - Level 2

I could not wait to start! Sigh ... Mom kept calling me back to take photos.


Barney's Yard & Playhouse
Slides and you can watch Barney cartoons. I didn't stay here long since I don't like Barney.

Pingu's Igloo
My favourite game was Basket Bowling!

Too scared to take a photo with Pingu

Fierce battle!

Angelina's Dance Studio
I don't want to do this, but we went to take a look anyway. Mom said the little girls looked very cute.


Bob the Builder Play Structure
The slide was fun, and I went for it several times!

An exhausted Bob

Mom bought this souvenir photo for RM 30.
We get both the hardcopy and softcopy versions.

Small snacks cafe near Bob the Builder

Bob's Can-Do-Crew
I spent some time watching the "building block" move from the start to the end with help from Bob's Crew.

Deposit the block in the scoop
The block is carried across
Pull the lever to drop the block on the conveyor belt

Block is dropped off!

The Little Big Club's Stage
We saw 2 short shows here - Lat and Thomas the Train.

The Little Big Club - Level 3

We took the escalator upstairs to the Thomas & Friends area.

There were many rides here, and my favourite was the Colin Crane Drop Ride which I took 3 times!

Bertie the Bus
Bumping Buffers and Steaming Diesels Ride

Knapford Station Thomas Train Ride
Going into the cave ... which was scary to me
Harold's Helitours Ride
Colin Crane Drop Ride
Windmill Ride

Sodor Playground

Rest area above the Knapford Station

Lunch @ Mc Bunn Cafe, Level 3

We brought our own sandwiches (plus an egg for me!) for lunch, and Mom just bought a small fries and a drink.

RM 8.50 for a small fries and drink

Gift Shop

The gift shop had a lot of things, as well as a Thomas the Train rail mat to play on. I bought one glow-in-the-dark Thomas sticker sheet.

Lat's Place

We had some extra time, so Mom took me out to have a look at Lat's Place and the Puteri Harbour. Mom had borrowed some of Lat's comics for me from the Library, and I think his comics are funny.

Lat's Place gift shop, next to the lunch/dinner show theatre

That's his real signature there!

Puteri Harbour

We took the escalator down one floor and walked to Puteri Harbour which was just next to the building. It was very hot! I asked Mom if it was very expensive to buy a yatch and she said yes.

Mom's Notes
  • According to the staff, the Traders hotel and the surrounding retail developments will be ready in April 2013. Expect to see KFC, Toys R Us etc.
  • There are limited food options here, so you can bring your own, or if you are driving, drive to the nearby Medini Mall for meals
  • The staff mentioned that during the Dec holidays, the crowd numbered about 3000. We were lucky the place was not crowded and we did not have to wait in line for long
  • You are free to enter and exit the attractions, as long as you retain the tag/s on your wrist
  • Toilets inside the attractions are cleaner than the one near the drop-off bay
  • There are limited counters to purchase the souvenir photos. Good to get them before closing time to avoid the squeeze and queue. 1 photo = RM30
  • We finished The Little Big Club in about 4.5 hours, including lunch, and this was possible mainly because the park was not crowded
  • For non-drivers - In view of the time spent, plus the fact that there were no other places to visit, you can combine this with a visit to the Hello Kitty Town, or opt to return to Singapore early (WTS' coach schedules gives this time flexibility)
  • Most of the rides are suitable for toddlers and little kids, and adults can accompany their kids for almost all the rides 
  • Free Wi-Fi is available; check with the counter staff at Mc Bunn Cafe
  • No annual passes are offered

     Address:  Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri
                   Harbour, 79000 Nusajaya, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia
     Tel:         1300 88 FAMILY (326459) / Direct Line +603 2203 9668
     Direction: Click here
     Admission Fees: Click here
     Opening Hours:  Mon-Sun 10am - 6 pm
                             Closed On Tues except during school and public holidays 


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    1. Thanks for reading my blog! :-)