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ラグナシア . 라구나시아 .  拉格娜喜雅

Weeee ... theme park time today!

We took the Meitetsu Bus 路線バス from JR Gamagori Station 蒲郡駅 to Laguna Gamagori ラグーナ 蒲郡, where there were many interesting things here, like Lagunasia ラグナシア, Festival Market フェスティバルマーケット, Laguna Marina ラグナ マリーナ etc.

Arrival bus stop
Last bus at 9pm on weekdays
& 9.35pm on weekends
The bus stops at the colourful Festival Market building
Cross the super long bridge to Lagunasia

First stop - Lagunasia ラグナシア!
Mom got the Starlight Passport tickets at Level 1, since we arrived after 3pm.

Courtyard after the entrance

The park was quite empty so I could take each ride many times.
About 30 mins later, it started to drizzle but luckily we could continue to take the rides.

Train Train トレイン トレイン

Luckily I was tall enough!
Parallel Walk パラレル ウォーク

Swim and Swing スイム&スイング
Submarine Adventure サブマリン アドベンチャー
Kids Pilot キッズ パイロット
Stellar Coaster ステラ コースター
Mermaid Carousel マーメイド カルーセル

Sheltered area for pedal bikes

Mom said this was the most tiring ride of all because Mom had to steer the boat herself.

Canoe カヌー (lockers are free to use)

Before leaving, we went to the gift shop.

Our final stop is the Ferris Wheel 観覧車, and it was not located in Lagunasia, but near the shopping mall. The view was great!

Follow this sign once you exit Lagunasia

Take the lift up to cross that long bridge to the Festival Market

Entrance at Level 1 Festival Market

We walked around the Festival Market フェスティバルマーケット before having dinner there.

Kids area with kids toilets, play area and vending machines
Mom said I was only allowed to buy one ... how to choose?!

Dinner was at restaurant Hanagoyomi 花ごよみ on Level 2, along the seaside restaurant alley, and they had the kids meal that I liked. Mom wanted to have seafood but there would be nothing that I could eat.
We had an early dinner so that we could catch the earlier bus back to the train station.

Chilly to sit outdoors
Our view from the restaurant
The main reason why I want a kids meal

Kids Curry Don - 580円

Chirashi Sushi - 1080円

Mom decided to visit the tourist information centre (near the station's North Exit) when we got back to the train station. After that, we crossed the road to go to Apita Gamagori アピタ蒲郡店 to do some grocery shopping. The mall even had my favourite game Animal Kaiser!

Brochures to take, and bicycles for rent

Notes from Mom
  • Gamagori 蒲郡 is a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of Nagoya city, where there's plenty of fresh air and lovely marina / bay views around
  • Do check the bus departure timings from Laguna Gamagori, so as to better plan your day. The time schedule can be found at the bus stop that says "蒲郡駅前方面ゆき" (the arrival and departure bus stops are next to each other so please don't see the wrong one). The bus intervals may be as long as 1 hour!
  • Other attractions not featured here like the Water Park ウォーターパーク, and the Bumper Boat バンパーボート are closed during the cold months and will open in July. There's also an arcade area, a RPG game area, 4D theatre and a coloured-ball pool for the littler ones (note that the former areas charge extras to play)
  • Lagunasia Interactive Park Map - click here
  • English Brochures (PDF) - click here
  • Note that the bus is not able to dispense 100円 change, so prepare an exact amount!
  • Other than the Apita Mall (which also has a retail pharmacy in it), there is also a Lawson convenience store and Uniqlo shop within easy walking distance

     Address:    〒443-0014 蒲郡市海陽町2丁目3番地
     Tel:           0533-58-2700 (9am - 5.30pm daily)
     Directions: 15-min bus ride from Gamagori Station 蒲郡駅 (Adult fare 290円 / Child
                      fare 150円; one way)
                      Alight at the Laguna Gamagori ラグーナ 蒲郡 bus stop

Opening Hours:  Weekdays 10am - 5pm
(general)             Weekends 10am - 7pm
                          (check their online calendar before going)

Admission Fees:

Admission Fees
(above 16 years)
(6-16 years)
Passport (Entrance + Unlimited Rides)
Entrance Only
Starlight Passport
(Entrance + Unlimited Rides; entry after 3pm)
Starlight Entrance Only
(entry after 3pm)

Check online for any specials.
Good idea to take the passport as it offers value for money.

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