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蒲郡竹島 . 가마고리 다케시마 . 蒲郡竹岛

Today, we took a 37-min train ride from Nagoya to Gamagori 蒲郡.
I helped Mom put our big luggage bag into a locker near the train station, and Mom bought lunch to eat onboard the train.

A first - eating with chopsticks
Eep... I put in the 500円 before Mom said I could

Gamagori Station
The station is quite small
Waiting for our hotel shuttle


Our first stop after we arrived in Gamagori - our hotel!

Hotel Takeshima ホテル竹島
After Mom called the hotel, the shuttle bus arrived very quickly and we were the only passengers. Mom said we will be sleeping in a traditional Japanese-style room.

Hotel Lobby

I can see Takeshima from the hotel lobby
Our room; futon/mattress was laid out for us at night
Bathroom here, toilet on the other side

View of Takeshima from our room
Breakfast the next morning was at the hotel, and it even had the Gamagori orange jelly! Yum!

     Address:    愛知県蒲郡市竹島町1番6号
     Tel:           0533-69-1256
     Website: (Japanese only)

Takeshima 竹島
Mom said it would take about 30-40 mins for us to walk to and fro the small island of Takeshima 竹島 (designated as a national treasure), and to explore some.

Going through the garden commemorating the founder of Gamagori
The 387m bridge
The famous Gamagori Classic Hotel 蒲郡クラシックホテル in the far background
The torii 鳥居 - gateway to a shrine 

Be careful!

Turn right for the walking trail
I did not want to go any further ... the path looks dangerous
Seen during low tides

Yaotomi Shrine 八百富神社
We made a left turn up to visit the Yaotomi Shrine 八百富神社.
I was a little tired by now, so Mom said we will not stay long up there.

101 steps up
101 steps

Cleanse before entering the shrine

Main shrine to seek matrimonial blessings

     Address:   〒443-0031 愛知県蒲郡市竹島町3-15
     Tel:           0533-68-3700

Onsen 温泉
Mom asked if I wanted to visit the onsen 温泉 in the hotel, and I said yes because I have never tried it before. Mom warned me that the water is very hot!
I told Mom that I would like to do it again the next time.

To commemorate my first visit ... we must wear a yutaka there
Females in the orange section (right), males at the blue section

Mom's Notes
  • Great hotel service, and they were very helpful towards us knowing that we are foreigners, and perhaps, the only foreigners staying at their hotel then!
  • The hotel offers a variety of room packages which can get quite confusing. FYI, we paid 12750円 for the room for one night, including breakfast
  • The hotel had a print-out, in Japanese with pictures, on the points of interest when walking to and around Takeshima. Pick up a copy from the table near the entrance to the hotel lobby
  • I've visited several Japanese shrines in the past, and they are located within large compounds in wide open spaces. Hence, this is the first time that I've visited one that is surrounded by thick foliage, and honestly, it gave me the creeps (in part due to my overactive imagination, and the small number of visitors in the morning)
  • No operating hours stated for Takeshima, but it will be good common sense to go during daylight hours. The bridge is accessible at all times. Free admission to Takeshima and Yaotomi shrine (in case you're wondering)
  • One of the hotel highlights is the onsen with a beautiful view of Takeshima and the Mikawa Bay 三河湾. Go during the day!
  • I'd recommended that you request for a quick tour and guide on using the onsen to better prepare kids for what's to be expected, and on the proper onsen etiquette. Marcus could go with me to the ladies section, but I'm not sure what is the maximum age limit for boys. We managed to soak for about 15 mins!

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