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フリーマントル . 프리맨틀 . 弗里曼特

Second day in Perth.
We had a big breakfast at the hotel - Miss Maud Swedish Hotel, and I also had fun in the hotel lift... Mom said we used to have this kind of old lift in Singapore.

Hotel Lobby

1. Press lift button. 2. Open 1st door. 3. Open 2nd door. 4. Use rope to keep door open
Mom said she had not seen such lift buttons in a long while
We walked for 5 mins to the Perth Railway Station to take a train to Fremantle, and Mom bought a family rider ticket for us (A$11.60). About 30 mins later, we reached Fremantle.
Perth Railway Station
Check the screen for the right platform

Mom: I really liked the architectural style of the station

Fremantle Markets
We took the Blue CAT bus from the bus stop in front of Fremantle Station (Stop 1), and got down 2 stops after, right in front of Fremantle Markets. The market had many interesting things to see, and Grandma bought some fruits for supper tonight.
Fremantle Markets Bus Stop

From where I am, it looked like a mountain of fruits ...
... and vegetables to me

     Address:    Corner of Henderson Street & South Terrace, Fremantle, 6160
     Tel:           (+61 8) 9335 2515
     Directions: Click here
     Opening Hours:  The Yard - Every Friday 8am-8pm, Sat & Sun 8am-6pm
                              The Hall - Every Friday 9am-8pm, Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

Cappuccino Strip
From Fremantle Markets, we walked along South Terrace leading to Market St. (also known as Cappuccino Strip because there are many coffee places here) to look for a nice place for lunch.

We were not very hungry so Mom decided to have coffee instead at Dôme Fremantle (and it was very near Fremantle Markets).
"Hmm, I've my banana milkshake (A$5.25), but the pancakes (A$6.95) in the junior menu looks good too ..."
"Gotta have it, yums!"
Minestrone soup for Mom and Grandma to share

Later in the afternoon, we went back to Cappuccino Strip for a tea break @ The Fremantle Bakehouse, and I ate a delicious chocolate cake!

Mom ordered this babycino for me ... I liked the marshmallows but I didn't like the drink

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour
We took a CAT bus tour to other parts of Fremantle, and then got down at stop 17 - Fishing Boat Harbour. I liked this place a lot because there were fun things to do, and it was very beautiful. We also had dinner with Mom's friend, Uncle Justin here.
Cross the railway tracks to get to the harbour ... wow, I had never done this before!
First place we saw - Cicerello’s
Cicerello’s Menu Prices

We walked along the boardwalk towards the Esplanade Park.
Passed by the Duyfken Wharf Museum
Mom liked the Little Creatures Fremantle Brewery
(have a look at this blog about this place)
I knew we had reached the Esplanade Park because I spotted the ferris wheel!
Adults - A$12, Kids under 12 - A$10. Only cash accepted
I bought my bungee ticket A$10 at the ferris wheel booth

Belting up for safety
There is also a kids playground under the large pine trees
Mom, don't push the swing too hard, I am scared!
We crossed the road to Esplanade Hotel to use the toilet and take a rest

Time for dinner with Uncle Justin @ Kailis Fish Market Café.

Mom said Kailis looked the same as it was 6 years ago when she last came

BBQ Combo A$28.50
BBQ Salmon Rice A$25.95

After dinner, Uncle Justin drove us back to the hotel.
I had a wonderful and fun day!

Mom's Notes
  • A lovely place to spend the day in Perth, with great harbour views and nice seafood, as well as activities to keep the kids occupied
  • The family rider train ticket is a value-for-money option when travelling in a group, from Perth city to Fremantle. Note the T&Cs:
  • The CAT bus services are a great way to get around Fremantle, plus it's free! All bus stops are numbered clearly so it's pretty hard to get lost. Click here for the route map and timings.
  • Kailis gets packed nearing dinner time so go early if you plan to sit inside. One section of the restaurant offers mainly fried seafood at lower prices, and the other section offers a pricier selection with a variety of seafood.
  • We had time in between to pop into 2 other places - E-Shed Markets and Woolstores Shopping Centre. I suggest giving E-Shed Markets a miss because it was merely selling tourist souvenirs and quite deserted when we visited. Several stores were also vacated.

  • Visit Woolstores if you wish to do some quick shopping or pick up some groceries from Coles Supermarket.


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