Friday, 28 June 2013


蒲郡オレンジパーク . 가마고오리 오렌지 파크 . 蒲郡橙子公园 

It's the season for melons in Japan!
And I harvested my own musk melon @ Gamagori Orange Park 蒲郡オレンジパーク today.

Mom could not tell we've reached, if not for the sign

Surrounding the park were many greenhouses and plantations
Entrance; turn right and the ticket counter is located near the female toilet
Ticket Counter (check out a real owl in the wooden box)
Make sure to retain the sampling ticket 試食券 after you enter the greenhouse.
50円 discount tickets are good for the ice-cream and orange juice.

We took the 'micro-bus マイクロバス' (minivan) that took us to the greenhouse for melons, that was about 5-min away from the park. It was very warm inside the greenhouse, so we only stayed inside for 5 mins. Uncle and I chose the melon, and I cut off its stem!

To board the bus, turn left after exiting from the slope / main entrance of the park

Pick up a pair of scissors once you enter

Doing the honours
Into the box my melon goes ... to be consumed within 1 week

Back at the park, Mom and I walked around on our own, and we spotted the greenhouse for grapes.

Then it was time to try the melon.
The melon was very sweet and juicy, and I ate more melon than I would usually eat at home.

Exit from the right exit of the gift shop, and follow this sign
Make a right turn and go along a narrow pathway to the greenhouse
The air-conditioned greenhouse where the sampling is held
Visitors with the unlimited sampling メロン食べ放題 ticket
sit near the trays, whilst the others sit near the entrance
Unlimited sampling メロン食べ放題 - free flow of the different kinds of melons
Our ticket is for the 2-piece sampling (a quarter of a melon) メロン試食(2/8切)
Don't forget to return the plate to the tray and discard the husks when done!

The last stop was the gift shop where Mom bought the park's melon cakes, and for me, the melon ice-cream.

Melon cakes are on the left
630円 for the small box
840円 per box
525円 per packet of dried grapes

2600円 for each melon

Melon softee - 300円 after discount
Available in other flavours too

Notes from Mom
  • Mainly caters to tour groups; so for FIT / walk-ins, reservations are a must, especially if you wish to pick your own melon. Unfortunately, reservations can only be made via phone
  • Travelling by taxi, bike or car are the only ways to reach the park. When leaving the park, the staff can help to call for a taxi
  • When visiting with young children, it is ok to just purchase one ticket and share the melon-tasting with your child; it's quite impossible for young children to finish 2 large slices of the melon on their own (unless you intend for it to be a substitute for lunch!)
  • Remember to check with your country's customs regarding the import of fresh fruits from Japan, since you get to bring the melon home
  • The staff is only conversant in Japanese, I think
  • Fees vary according to the date of visit
  • The other fruit seasons of strawberry (Jan-May), grape (late Jun-mid Sep) and orange / mikan (Oct-Dec) are worth checking out too

     Address:    〒443-0002 愛知県蒲郡市 清田町小栗見1-6-93
     Tel:           0533-68-2321
     Directions: 15-min taxi ride from Gamagori Station 蒲郡駅 (about 2000円 one-way);
                      no bus services
     Opening Hours:  9am - 5pm

     Admission Fees (Melon Season - Jun-Sep):
          * One ticket =  1 melon to be brought home


  1. I just started to read your blog and I really must say this is so great for moms! I was worried about traveling to Asia alone with my son (cause of language barriers and the worry that he would not enjoy anything). After viewing your blog, I feel so much better now that I can find him fun things to enjoy that are more cultural and less "touristy" to do.

    1. Mom: Thanks for reading our blog, and I agree with you that activities that are more cultural and less "touristy" help kids better understand the differences in culture and geography, and gives travel a lot more depth. Happy Travels!