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グランフロント大阪 . 그랜드 프론트 오사카

From Joypolis, we took a 10-min walk to Grand Front Osaka グランフロント大阪, one of the newer shopping malls in Osaka. Mom said getting there was like walking in a maze, and there were A LOT of people and A LOT of malls.

Grandma bought the delicious Nakamura Tokichi 中村藤吉 matcha green tea cake 1080円
Into the JR Osaka Station, towards the Midosuji North Gate ...

Pass the Lucua Mall ルクア ...

Went up the escalator, and we saw Grand Front Osaka グランフロント大阪 in front of us from the North Gate Building Atrium Plaza.

Lucua on the right, JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan on the left
While walking towards the mall, Mom pointed out Yodobashi Umeda Mall ヨドバシ梅田 on the right.
There were so many things to see and so many restaurants in the mall!

Entrance at South Building 南館

Floors and floors of shopping and restaurants
Restaurant opened by a Singaporean

Mom chose a famous Osaka food for dinner - okonomiyaki お好み焼き @ Tsuruhashi Okonomiyaki Omoni 鶴橋お好み焼きオモニ (South Building Level 7 南館 7F)
The food alley with lots of local restaurants
Joining the dinner queue
Looked like lots of famous people visited.
Condiments are in the silver tins at each table
Grandma cooking the yakisoba
We had two okonomiyaki. Total bill was about 2600円

After that, desert at nana's green tea ナナズグリーンティー (South Building Level 4 南館 4F)!

Most of the shops had closed, but we still went to the North Building 北館 to have a look.

Patissier Workshop @ Sweets Lab
Café & Meal Muji (Level 4)
Mom's Notes
  • While there might have been a shorter way to get to Grand Front, the fun was in, plus somewhat overwhelming, exploring the area surrounding the JR Osaka Station. What I did not expect, after not visiting Osaka for many years, was the explosion of malls in the city area
  • The Osaka Station City 大阪ステーションシティ is a good guide to all the malls etc surrounding the station
  • Other than its imposing & modern architecture and vast size, the Grand Front's mall concept was rather interesting, as it embodies a hybrid concept of lifestyle, innovation and education (under Knowledge Capital ナレッジキャピタル), purporting to create and define the Osaka DNA of the future. Considering how malls these days tend to be cut out from the same cookie cutter, such differentiation makes it stand out ... although I can't say with certainty if the USP holds true since we did not have time to fully explore or be immersed ... next trip perhaps
     Address:    〒530-0011 大阪市北区大深町4-1 (うめきた広場), 4-20 (南館), 3-1 (北館)
     Tel:           06-6372-6300 (10am - 9pm daily)
     Directions: Click here
     Opening Hours: About 10/ 11am - 9/ 11pm

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