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インスタントラーメン発明記念館 . 인스턴트 라면 발명기념관 . 安藤百福杯面发明纪念馆

We set off at 9am today from Nakatsu Station 中津駅, and reached Ikeda Station 池田駅 after 25mins. Mom said to follow the bright orange, yellow and red signs to The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum インスタントラーメン発明記念館.
Follow the signage to the station exit
Daiei Supermarket ダイエー池田駅前店 is in front of the train station exit
Turn left, and spot the Ikeda Tourist Information Centre 池田観光案内所 (open 9.30am - 4.30pm, closed on Tue)
Walk straight along that road and pass by Ippudo Ramen Restaurant 一風堂 池田店
And the Patisserie Bien Sur ビアン・シュール 
Once you see this sign, it's nearing the museum. Museum is near the residential area
It was a hot day, and there were many students at the museum.
Inside, we joined the queue for the "My CUPNOODLES Factory" activity to make our own cup noodles.
Queue starts from The Instant Ramen Tunnel
Get ready 300円 coins. Waiting time was about 50 mins
Long queue that day
Get your empty cup first

Sanitise your hands
Keep the lid on your cup

English instructions available
Design your cup
Seats and markers available

Artist at work
When done, bring your cup and head to the factory

The factory line was very fun, and I helped Mom choose her ingredients.
Pass your cup to the staff and crank the wheel to insert the noodles
Choose your ingredients and soup base

My one and only cup noodle creations!

Securing the lid on the cup

Slot it into the cling wrap machine
Here it is!
Pick up a red string
Air pumps to inflate the carrier
And voila!

Tourists take note! Do NOT inflate the carrier!
Mom went to see the exhibition, and I tried the quiz with the other Japanese students.

Playing the true or false game
Get it correct, take the printed receipt ...
... and redeem a notebook as a gift!

I followed Mom to the vending machines to buy some instant noodles to bring home as souvenirs.

You can buy instant noodles from different parts of Japan
Machines to dispense hot water for the noodles

After our visit, we walked back to the train station and went to Gusto ガスト (池田駅前店), a family restaurant for lunch.

Grandma's set 599円
Mom's Omu Rice in Beef Stew Sauce 599円
Kids Curry Plate 499円
And it comes with one free turn of the gachapon for a free gift

After lunch, we went across to Daiei ダイエー池田駅前店 and it had many things that we liked!

Supermarket on the first floor
Character Goods
Stationery and household items
And even an arcade

Mom's Notes
  • The museum is relatively small, and younger kids may not fully comprehend the exhibits since they would not have tried any cup noodles
  • The highlight would be the above 2 activities; the other activity "Chicken Ramen Factory" requires prior reservation (300円-500円 per person)
  • Warning for adults: The urge to buy every type of cup noodles is high!
  • The surrounding neighbourhood threw up some interesting finds, even a 100 shop, so we ended up spending more time here than planned
     Address:    〒563-0041大阪府池田市満寿美町 8-25
     Tel:            072-752-3484
     Directions:  5-min walk from Masumi-cho Homen Exit 満寿美町方面出口 of Ikeda
                       Station 池田駅 on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line 宝塚線
     Opening Hours:  9:30 am – 4 pm (Last admission at 3:30 pm) / Closed on Tue
     Admission Fees: Free; activities are charged separately


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