Wednesday, 18 June 2014


湯浅町の角長 . 유아사 마을의 각장 . 汤浅镇的角長

From Kuroshio Market, Mom drove for about 20 mins and reached the small town of Yuasa 湯浅. Mom spent some time finding the famous soy sauce factory Kadocho 角長 while I had a nap in the car.
As soon as we got out of the car, we could smell the soy sauce!
Mom said she had to drive very very slowly as the roads were very narrow

The small retail outlet
Grandma bought a bottle of soy sauce for cooking for 520円
The factory next door

The shop keeper suggested that we also visit the warehouse diagonally across, and see the tools that craftsmen used to make soy sauce 100 years ago.

Mom's Notes
  • The main interest in this small town is the heritage soy sauce factories that Yuasa is famous for - this CNN feature is a good read
  • It was a very short visit, and Kadocho's location in the culturally preserved area meant we could cover both highlights. However, Marushin Yuasa Soy Sauce Factory 丸新工場 might be a better option if the intent is to have an actual plant tour, which Kadocho does not offer (Marushin seems more tourist friendly, although it is away from the Yuasa main town area)
  • I was sweating bullets driving in the narrow lanes, and at one point, I had to let a truck pass through by moving as close to the side as possible, at the risk of scratching the car or crashing the car mirror!
  • Free parking is available down the road from Kadocho; ask for directions
  • There is no tourist information centre here, so thank goodness for car navigation
  • Refer to this map for the temples and orange farms in this town
     Address:    〒643-0004 和歌山県有田郡湯浅町湯浅7
    Tel:           0737-62-2035
     Directions: Click here
     Opening Hours: Daily 9am - 5pm

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