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浅井ブルーベリー農園 . 블루베리 농장 . 浅井蓝莓农场

From Yuasa, Mom drove for 20mins to the Asai Blueberry Farm 浅井農園, which was located somewhere in the mountains.
Through the mountain tunnel
Exit into this small road when you see the purple banner
Straight down this path to the farm
Saw these fruits along the way ... can you guess what fruit it is?

We met the farmer at his house, and he was busy packing blueberries for delivery. He gave each of us a plastic container and brought us to the blueberry area.
The farmer's house
The whole place was covered in a blue netting to prevent birds from eating the berries
There were 13 varieties of blueberries here

Grandma and Mom had lots of fun picking and eating the blueberries, but I stopped halfway because it had started to drizzle a bit again, and there were lots of spiders!

The farmer said this variety of blueberries was the best now
Aren't they pretty? 
The berries I ate were nice and sweet
Grandma ate the most!
What we got to bring home

We spent about 1 hour picking the blueberries, and then we went back to the farmer's house to rest and have tea. Mom said we had to hurry back to the city soon in case there was a traffic jam.
Price of blueberries sold
Mom's Notes
  • I spent quite a bit of time trying to get directions from the farm owner as the farm did not have a mapcode, so the actual driving time could have been shorter. The nearest landmark with a mapcode is the Kuriyamaen 栗山園, and once there, the sign for Asai Farm can be seen
  • Useful to download this Wakayama Driving Guide into the tablet as there are map codes that can be keyed into the car navigation system
  • Find the nearest space available to park the car ... there might be parking at the farm but I wasn't keen to drive through a narrow road again
  • Do also check out the Wakayama Fruit Harvesting Calendar and Fruit Farms Map
  • This is a family-run farm so they are not equipped to host tourists, e.g. no English brochures, so explanations on how to select good blueberries were done in Japanese. The owner shared that he had received a few Thai and Taiwanese visitors in the past and we were the first Singaporean visitors!
  • For the price paid per person, you can eat as much berries as you want, and stay as long as you want, plus get to bring home one box per person with as much blueberries as you can fill
  • I love bringing Marcus for such visits as it encourages him to try new food and fruits, being a picky eater as he is, plus they are educational and experiential
     Address:    和歌山県有田郡 広川町南金屋512
     Tel:           0737-62-3873
     Directions: Click here (by car only)

                      Or, take a taxi from Yuasa Station for about 1000円

     Opening Hours: Daily 10am - 6pm, from Jun 1 till early Aug

     Fees:                Adult 1,000円 / Child 4-12 years 600円 / Free for children below 4
                             Unlimited fruit picking + 1 box to take home

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