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金閣寺 . 킨카쿠지 / 금각사 . 金阁寺

From the Shijo Keihan 四条京阪前 City Bus Stop H, we took City Bus no. 59 (about 20 mins; bus time schedule) to the Kinkakuji Temple 金閣寺.
There are many bus stops on both sides of the road,
so check the map on the bus stop sign to locate the bus stop
Grandma and Mom had seen it before, but this was the first time that I saw a golden pavilion! There were many tourists, so it was very crowded.
Entrance to Kinkakuji, also known as Rokuonji 鹿苑寺

Tickets that mimic a talisman

Back of Kinkakuji
Checking out the fishes in the Mirror Pond 鏡湖池
The fishing deck
Silver River Spring - the sign says "water for tea"
White Snake Pagoda

茶室•夕佳亭 Tea Pavilion
Teahouse - 500円 per cup of tea
Temple at the end
Giving the bell toll a go
Long stretch of steps downwards to the main entrance

I was feeling warm and sweaty, so luckily, there were many cold drinks and ice cream vending machines around.
Did you know that vending machines are one of my favourite things in Japan?
Mom's Notes
  • The bus stop to alight at is called Kinkakujimae 金閣寺前, which is right across the road from the entrance to the temple. We made the mistake of alighting one stop before when we saw the road sign for Kinkakuji 金閣寺 and had to walk in for about 5 mins in the hot sun
Don't jump off the bus yet when this road sign is spotted
This is the RIGHT bus stop to alight at

  • Linger all you'd like around the pavilion area as the path onwards is one-way, and once you cross the exit into the teahouse area, you are not allowed to go back in
  • Because there were so many tour groups, we simply tagged along with one group and listened in to the tour guide's briefing
  • There were hordes of tourists, so be sure to hold on to your little ones!
  • I chose to visit Kinkakuji because it was easier for children to walk to and walk around in, and I felt that Marcus may have neither the patience or stamina, nor will he fully appreciate the beauty of the stunning Kiyomizu-dera 清水寺 if he is going to be exhausted by the time he reaches it
  • If you have time, do check out the other World Heritage Sites in Kyoto
     Address:    〒603-8361 京都市北区金閣寺町1
     Tel:           075-461-0013
     Directions: Click
here to see the options
                      The most convenient way will be to take City Bus 市バス 59 or Bus No.
                      12 which stops right in front of the temple
     Opening Hours:  9am - 5pm
     Admission Fees: Adult 400円 / Child (7-15 years old) 300円


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