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錦市場商店街 . 니시키 시장 . 锦市场购物

We left Wakayama this morning, and took the JR Haruka train 特急はるか (75 mins) from the Kansai International Airport to the JR Kyoto Station 京都駅.
I was amazed that the train station was so big!
Feeling sleepy
Another commemorative stamp

Porta ポルタ
Kyoto Tower Hotel 京都タワーホテル
in front of the exit
Hotel Granvia ホテルグランヴィア京都, beside the Kyoto Station
Has a huge Family Mart convenience store beside it

After checking into our hotel, we went to buy the one-day bus pass from the Kyoto Tourist Information Centre in the Kyoto Station.

Child 250円 / Adult 500円
     Address:           JR Kyoto Station Building 9F
     Tel:                  075-344-3300
     Business hours: 10am - 6pm
                             (closed on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, Dec 29th - Jan 3rd)
First stop was to the Nishiki Market 錦市場商店街, also known as Kyoto's Kitchen, for shopping and lunch! We got off at the Daimaru bus stop, and had a short walk to the start of the market.
Start here
Many snacks and food to buy
120円 - 150円 for one senbei (rice cracker)
All green tea snacks for 200円 each

Mom said this was how they grind it to become green tea powder

Fish cake, all below 260円

Grandma bought 1 small pack of bonito for 300円
So many sweets! Mom bought me one for 350円

This is what a fresh wasabi plant looks like!
Nearing the eastern end of the market @ Teramachi 寺町-dori

Teramachi-dori had shops selling cloths, shoes, pharmacies etc

Stomach growling... lunch @ Nishiki Mochitsukiya 錦 もちつき屋!
Mochi in various forms and combinations
Yuzu juice set 770円
Somen Set 840円
Udon Set 880円

       Address:           京都市中京区錦小路通柳馬場東入ル東魚屋町175
     Tel:                  075-223-1717
     Business hours: Weekdays 11am-5:30pm / Weekends and Public Holidays 11am-6pm
After lunch, we walked towards the Shijo 四条 exit to take the bus to Kinkakuji Temple 金閣寺.

Mom spotted the Tea House Lipton ティーハウス リプトン on the way to the bus stop
Mom's Notes
  • FYI, back tracking our route to start from KIX for Kyoto seemed to be the more convenient, shorter and cost-efficient way, and we could take full advantage of the ICOCA & Haruka package that we bought from the Kansai Airport Station (note that kids pay the same price, and they get one free sticker sheet)
  • The Shiokoji-dori 塩小路通 side of the Kyoto Station exit seemed to be where the main buzz of activities are, plus the bus terminal is also located here. Do take note when looking for a suitable hotel
  • We bought lots of snacks, but always bear in mind that Japanese snacks typically cannot be stored for long
  • Along the Nishiki Market alley, we came across very few places that offered a sit-down lunch venue, but I think there were more options along Teramachi-dori
  • Interesting and fun place to visit, and worthwhile allocating about 3 hours here, especially if you plan to have lunch here
  • Lunch at Nishiki Mochitsukiya was not fantastic, largely because accompanying noodles with grilled mochi was a weird combination, and Marcus found it tiring to keep chewing the mochi
     Address:    京都市中京区錦小路通 寺町西入←→高倉間
     Tel:           075-211-3882
     Directions: Take City Bus 市バス 5 until Shijo Takakura 四条高倉 stop (in front of

                      Daimaru Department Store 大丸百貨店) and walk for 2 mins; OR
                      3-min walk from Shijo Station 四条駅 on Karasuma subway line 烏丸線
     Opening Hours: Generally 10am - 5pm

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